Integrative Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Integrative Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Integrative Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (IJOT) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal contributing towards improvement of quality of orthopaedic health care. The Journal has a broad scope covering all zones of trauma, surgery, patho-physiology of the musculoskeletal system, Arthroplasty, Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Spine and Spinal deformities, Paediatric orthopaedics, limb reconstruction procedures, hand surgery, and orthopaedic oncology. IJOT publishes interesting and informative reviews on any topic connected with Orthopaedics, and considers any original research contribution that advocates change in, or illuminates, Orthopaedic clinical practice.

The Journal is supported by an international editorial board consisting of a distinguished team of Orthopaedicians. IJOT aims at rapid publication of high quality results in Orthopaedic research while maintaining rigorous peer-review process.

All the types of articles like Research paper, Case Report, Short research communication, Review, Hypothesis, Method and protocol, new instruments and regimens, Letter to the editor are accepted. With a large international editorial board of experts who are leaders in their fields, IJOT aims at delivering the best communication on the fast moving, and continually evolving, orthopaedic health care.

Papers are accepted on a worldwide basis. IJOT welcomes direct submissions of manuscripts from authors.

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Open Access Policy: This journal is an open access journal which provides immediate, worldwide, boundary free access to the full content of every distributed article without charging readers or their institutions for access. Readers are given authorization to read, circulate, copy, print, download, search, or link to the full texts of all articles in IJOT.

Editorial Board

Our Esteemed Editorial Board Members

Prof. James C. Wang, DPM

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Neurosurgery, Keck School of Medicine,
University of Southern California,

Massimiliano VISOCCHI

Associate Professor,
Institute of Neurosurgery,
Catholic University of Rome,

Dr. Binu Sasidharan

Department of Orthopaedics,
NMC Specialty Hospital,
Abu Dhabi,

Pengcheng Liu

Research Scholar on Orthopaedic pathology,
Brown University, Providence,

Vincenzo Grassia DDS, MS Ortho, PhD

Multidisciplinary Department of Medical-Surgical and Dental Specialties,
School of Medicine and Surgery,
University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Naples,

Po-Tsun Chen

Assistant Professor,
Department of Physical Therapy,
Tzu Chi University,

Dr. Sophia Charitou

Department of Physical Education and Sport Science,
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,


Professional Master of Science in Athletic Training Program,
Marshall University,
Huntington, West Virginia,

Aziz Nather

Associate Professor,
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,
National University of Singapore ,

Ash Khurana

Consultant Orthopaedic & Spinal Surgeon,
Aneurin Bevan University Health Board,
Royal Gwent Hospital,

Dewei Wang

Orthopaedic Surgeon and Deputy Director of institute of orthopaedics,
Fifth Hospital of Harbin, Heilongjiang Sheng,

Md. Monoarul Haque

Director, Bangladesh Stroke Association (BSA),
New Eskaton, Dhaka,

Dr. Tamer M. Shousha

Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, College of Health Sciences,
Department of Physical Therapy, University of Sharjah, Sharjah,

Gary Mcilvain, EdD, LAT/ATC

Associate Professor,
School of Kinesiology,
Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia,

Dr. Kannan Priya

Assistant Professor,
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
Hong Kong

Dr.Fatma A. Hegazy

Associate Professor,
Department of Physical Therapy,
Faculty of Health Sciences,
University of Sharjah,

Carol M. Ciotto,

Associate Professor,
Physical Education and Human Performance,
Central Connecticut State University,|

Tyler M. Farney

Assistant Professor,
Department of Health & Kinesiology,
Texas A&M University – Kingsville,

Dr. Ion Codreanu

Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging,
Nicolae Testemiţanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy,
Republic of Moldova

Dr. Tobias Stephan Kaeding, M.A., M.Sc.

Head of Health & Safety Department,

Dr. George Paraskevas, MD, PhD

Orthopedic Surgeon,
Associate Professor of Anatomy,
Faculty of Medicine,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,

Paul S. Sung, PT, PhD., DHSc.

Associate Professor,
Department of Physical Therapy,
Central Michigan University, Michigan,

Maria da Lapa Rosado

Department of Physical Therapy,
School of Health of Alcoitão: Alcabideche, Lisbon,

Prof. Hitoshi Takei PT, PhD, OMPT, FMT, GPTH.O.I

Department of Physical Therapy,
Tokyo Metropolitan University,

Published Articles

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Diagnosis and Management

Victoria Williamson, Dominic Murphy and Neil Greenberg

Short Commentary – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Hemiarthroplasty or Total Hip Replacement for intracapsular Hip Fractures? A Dilemma in Trauma Surgery

Rhys Morris, Michael H Lewis, Damian M Bailey and Peter M Lewis

Short Commentary – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Surgical Rib Fixation: Five-Year Experience from an Australian Trauma Centre

Bhavik Patel, Gary Hung, Andrie Stroebel and Martin Wullschleger

Review Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

A Case of Necrotizing Fasitis in a Patient Injecting Pomegranate Juice into Her Thigh

Cemil Ertürk, Sabri Kerem Diril and Ahmet Şahin

Case Report – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Vertebroplasty vs. SHAM for Treating Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures: A Double Blind RCT (VOPE)

Emil Jesper Hansen, Ane Simony, Leah Carreon, Rikke Rousing, Hans Tropp and Mikkel Osterheden Andersen

Research Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Orbital Blowout Fractures Due to Globe-to-Wall Contact Mechanism

Akira Sugamata

Short Commentary – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Compliance and Audit Necessary for Effective Statutes Protecting Student Athletes from TBI Related Injuries in California

Robert A. Bitonte and Michelle Gutierrez Harris

Short Commentary – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Correlation between Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Arthroscopy in Meniscal Injuries

Andrés Gelink, Nicolás Casales, Nora Macadar, Luis Francescoli

Research Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

DOI: 10.31038/IJOT.1000121

Impact of Drug-Based Treatment for Osteoporosis on Pain and Parameters of Physical Fitness – A Clinical Pilot Study

Guido Schröder, Raimond Boldt, Anne Hornung, Verena Blaas, Ulrike Voßmann and Hans-Christof Schober

Research Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

DOI: 10.31038/IJOT.1000120

Juvenile Tillaux Fractures: A Comparison of Direct and Indirect Fixation

J. Eric Gordon, Perry L. Schoenecker and Sandra E. Klein

Research Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

The Short-Term Results of Pyrocarbon Lunate Implants in Patients with Advanced Kienböck’s Disease

HJA Zijlker, R Fakkert, J van Rijn and A Beumer

Case Study – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Sequential Changes in Activity of Hip Abductor Muscles after Side-lying Hip Abduction Exercise with Different Directions using Muscle Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Sho Mitomo, Hideyuki Usa, Masafumi Hata, Daisuke Ogawa, Atsushi Senoo, Hitoshi Takei

Research Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Relationship of Physical Activity and Developmental Skills in Preschool Children

Christina Cortes Odeh

Research Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Fracture Liaison Service and the Prospect of Fragility Refracture in Osteoporotic Patients

Tarik Wasfie, Avery Jackson and Natalia Cwalina

Short Commentary – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Synovial Chondromatosis with Os Trigonum

Marsha Rutland and Raustin Harris

Case Report – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Uncovering Communication Messages for Health Promotion: The Case of Arthritis

Gillie Gabay, Attila Gere and Howard Moskowitz

Research Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Ultrasonographic Changes in Fascial Properties over Time after Myofascial Release

Yasuki Katsumata, Hitoshi Takei, Yoshio Sasaki and Kento Watanabe

Research Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Is Temporal Summation or Conditioned Pain Modulation Associated with Pain and Functional Outcomes in Patients with Orofacial Pain?

Carla S. Enriquez, PT, DPT, MS, OCS, DAIPM

Research Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Formation of Distal Bone Elements in Amputated Neonatal Mouse Forelimbs

Hiroyuki Ide

Research Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Osteomyelitis in Children, What to do?

Rasmus Hesthave Pedersen and Rikke Thorninger

Case Report – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Applicability of Digital Platform for Evaluation of Fine Motor Skills in Young Children

Cynthia Y.Y. Lai , Trevor W.K. Yung , Wing Sze Chum, Ching Yee Hong, Shut Yan Lau, Po Yin Lee, Tsz Ting Pang and Shamay S.M. Ng

Research Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Kinematic Investigation, of a New Flexible Orthopedic Screw (FlexyScrew) for Repairing the Torn Scapholunate Ligament, with the Use of 3D-CT/Scan-Covariant Method and Demonstration on a 3D-Printed Model

Fotios Vasilios Nikolopoulos, Nikos Charalampos Efthymiadis and Vassilios Antonios Kefalas

Research Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

Functional Assessment for Decision-Making Regarding Return to Sports Following ACL Reconstruction: A Comparison of Football Players with Normative Data

Fischer F, Gföller P, Hoser C, Gatterer H, Raschner C, Fink C

Research Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

DOI: 10.31038/IJOT.2018102

The Leg Length Discrepancies: Clinical and Radiographic Criteria for Evaluation

Luigi Molfetta, Andrea Casabella, Augusto Palermo, De Ponte Conti B

Review Article – Integr J Orthop Traumatol

DOI: 10.31038/IJOT.2018101

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