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Immune response, and clinicalresponse in melanoma patients after combined therapy with temozolomide and the telomerase peptide vaccine GV1001 in previous GV1001 trials showed immune responses in approximately 60% of lung orpancreatic cancer patients. Previous Experimental Studies Twenty-five subjects with advanced stage IV melanoma (M1B or M1C) received concomitant temozolomide and GV1001. Temozolomide was administered 200 mg/m2 orally for 5 daysevery fourth week, and GV1001 as eight injections over 11 weeks. Immune response was evaluated bydelayed type hypersensitivity, T-cell proliferation, and cytokine assays. The immunologic responders continued monthly vaccination. Detecting evolutionary relationships across existing fold space, using sequence order-independent profile-profile alignments. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA, 105, 5441–5446]. A unified statistical model to support local sequence order independent similarity searching for ligand-binding sites and its application to genome-based drug discovery. Bioinformatics, 25, i305–i312.]. These algorithms have been extensively benchmarked and shown to outperform most existing algorithms. Moreover, several predictions resulting from SMAP-WS have been validated experimentally. Thus far SMAP-WS has been applied to predict drug side effects, and to repurpose existing drugs for new indications. SMAP-WS provides both a user-friendly web interface and programming API for scientists to address a wide range of compute intense questions in biology and drug discovery. Here, in Biogenea we have for the first generated an in silico Telomerase Peptide mimotopic poly-chemo structure simulator eith promising clinical results in Stage IV Melanoma Patients when combined with Temozolamide using the BiogenetoligandorolTM and the SMAP-WS. A parallel web service for structural proteome-wide ligand-binding site comparison.

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Research Article – Abstract

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Received: Sep 20, 2017
Accepted: Sep 25, 2017
Published: Oct 01, 2017


Grigoriadis Ioannis, Grigoriadis George, Grigoriadis Nikolaos, George Galazios (2017) A Telomerase Peptide Vaccination simulated poly-chemo mimotopic pharmacological structure Combined with Temozolomide as a novel in silico promising anti-cancer drug-like agent in Stage IV Melanoma Patients generated by the BiogenetoligandorolTM based parallel web service for structural proteome-wide multi-targeted ligand-binding conserved binding pharmacophoric site comparison.

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Grigoriadis Nikolaos
Department of IT Computer Aided Personalized Myoncotherapy, Cartigenea-Cardiogenea, Neurogenea-Cellgenea, Cordigenea-HyperoligandorolTM,
Biogenea Pharmaceuticals Ltd,
Thessaloniki, Greece;

Grigoriadis Ioannis
Department of Computer Drug Discovery Science, BiogenetoligandorolTM,
Biogenea Pharmaceuticals Ltd,
Thessaloniki, Greece;

Grigoriadis George
Department of Stem Cell Bank and ViroGeneaTM,
Biogenea Pharmaceuticals Ltd,
Thessaloniki, Greece;

George Galazios
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Democritus University of Thrace,
Komotini, Greece;


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