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In this paper, I shall sketch a new way to consider a Lindenbaum-Tarski algebra as a 3D logical space in which any one (of the 256 statements) occupies a well-defined position and it is identified by a numerical ID. This allows pure mechanical computation both for generating rules and inferences. It is shown that this abstract formalism can be geometrically represented with logical spaces and subspaces allowing a vectorial representation. Finally, it shows the application to quantum computing through the example of three coupled harmonic oscillators.Many lines of evidence support that β-amyloid (Aβ) peptides play an important role in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the most common cause of dementia. But despite much effort the molecular mechanisms of how Aβ contributes to AD remain unclear. While Aβ is generated from its precursor protein throughout life, the peptide is best known as the main component of amyloid plaques, the neuropathological hallmark of AD. Reduction in Aβ has been the major target of recent experimental therapies against AD. Unfortunately, human clinical trials targeting Aβ have not shown the hoped-for benefits. Here, we discovered for the first time the GENEA-AfiMoloplaque-5556, a Rationally predicted of β-amyloid Peptide mimetic pharmaco-natural amyloid plaques derived peptide mimetic-like structures for an annotated dissociation of Amyloid Plaques in Alzheimer’s disease using a big data approach for the ultra-fast prediction of DFT-calculated bond energies and the LBVS: An online platform for ligand-based virtual screening using publicly accessible databases in a KNIME-BiogenetoligandorolTM drug discovery platform.


Rationally predicted, β-amyloid Peptide mimetic, pharmacogenomics-like structures; dissociation of Amyloid Plaques, Alzheimer’s disease, large scale; Quantum Computation; chemical; data mining; drug discovery; relative exploration; descriptor-based; encoding selected hits atom types; multi-covalent; fragment-based pharmaco-ligand; novel elucidated; active β-amyloid; Peptide binding sites;

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Research Article – Abstract

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Received: Sep 20, 2017
Accepted: Sep 25, 2017
Published: Oct 01, 2017


Grigoriadis Ioannis, Grigoriadis George, Grigoriadis Nikolaos, George Galazios (2017) A New Way to Implement large scale Quantum Computation chemical data mining drug discovery relative exploration for a descriptor-based encoding of selected hits atom types to a multi-covalent fragment-based pharmaco-ligand against novel elucidated active β-amyloid Peptide binding sites.

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Grigoriadis Nikolaos
Department of IT Computer Aided Personalized Myoncotherapy, Cartigenea-Cardiogenea, Neurogenea-Cellgenea, Cordigenea-HyperoligandorolTM,
Biogenea Pharmaceuticals Ltd,
Thessaloniki, Greece;

Grigoriadis Ioannis
Department of Computer Drug Discovery Science, BiogenetoligandorolTM,
Biogenea Pharmaceuticals Ltd,
Thessaloniki, Greece;

Grigoriadis George
Department of Stem Cell Bank and ViroGeneaTM,
Biogenea Pharmaceuticals Ltd,
Thessaloniki, Greece;

George Galazios
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Democritus University of Thrace,
Komotini, Greece;


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