Integrative Journal of Anesthesia and Surgery

Integrative Journal of Anesthesia and Surgery

Integrative Journal of Anesthesia and Surgery (IJAS) is the internationally open access peer reviewed journal for the exploration, improvement and management of all aspects of Anesthesia and Surgery. It publishes peer reviewed original articles and highlights the current advances in Anesthesia, Surgery and related sciences.

The main aim of the journal is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for research scholars, scientists and other professionals to find most original research in the field Anesthesia and Surgery research.

It is a peer-reviewed and unrestricted for the readers and provides better quality for the development of scientific society. All scientific manuscripts are peer-reviewed by expert reviewers and the most eminent editors in our editorial board member to improve the quality of the article and journal.

IJAS publishes original research articles, review articles, special articles, brief reports, clinical reports and short communications related to the fields of current advances in Anesthesia and Surgery.

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Open Access Policy: This journal is an open access journal which provides immediate, worldwide, boundary free access to the full content of every distributed article without charging readers or their institutions for access. Readers are given authorization to read, circulate, copy, print, download, search, or link to the full texts of all articles in IJAS.

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