Internal Medicine Research – Open Journal (ISSN: 2002-6374)

Internal Medicine Research – Open Journal (ISSN: 2002-6374)

Internal Medicine Research – Open Journal, is an International, online journal to expedite rapid publication and to introduce unique innovations and discoveries in basic and clinical sciences of Internal medicine. It was founded by a group of scientists for medical research and clinical scholarly doctors from around the world, who are devoted to the promotion and advancement of our understanding of the diseases and their treatments. The journal essences on advancing therapeutic sciences produced from basic sciences, clinical, and research group or general well being exploration to coordinate looks into in all parts of human well being. In this regard the journal publishes unique & inventive scientific articles, editorials, discussions, advancements, current innovations in internal medicine and other information relevant to internal medicine and related fields.

The scope of the journal includes clinical medicine, epidemiology, prevention, health care delivery, curriculum development, internal medicine, cardiology, clinical immunology, clinical pharmacology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, haematology, contagious diseases, oncology, nephrology, neurology, nuclear medicine, palliative medicine, respiratory medicine and rheumatology.

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Editorial Board

Editor In Chief

Prof. Giuseppe Murdaca, Ph.D.
Expertise in Immunology,
Department of Internal Medicine,
University of Genova,

Dr.Amr Edrees, M.D.

Specialization in Rheumatology,
Internal Medicine,University of Missouri,
Kansas City,

Prof. Federico Cacciapuoti

Department of Internal Medicine,
Faculty of Medicine,
Second University of Naples,Naples,

Dr.Francesco Bellanti

Internal Medicine (General Medicine),
University of Foggia,Foggia,

Dr.Burak Uz, MD

Gazi University Faculty of Medicine,
Department of Internal Medicine,
Division of Adult Hematology, Ankara,

Dr.Gaurav K.Sharma, MD

The Department of Internal Medicine,
Mercy Hospital and Medical Center,

Dr.Chaddha Ashish

Department of Internal Medicine,
University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics,Madison,

Prof. Monica Lamberti

Second University of Naples,

Dr.Rahul Vasudev, Ph.D.

New York Medical college,
St Joseph’s Regional Medical Center,
New Jersey,

Prof. Yoshitaka Fukuzawa

Professor and Director,
Preemptive and Integrative Medicine Center,
Aichi Medical University &
Aichi Medical Hospital,

Prof. Chung-Yi Chen

Dean and Professor,
School of Medical and Health Sciences,
Fooyin University, Taiwan,

Dr.Fadi Haddad

Department of Internal Medicine,
Staten Island University Hospital/Northwell Health,Staten Island,NY,

Prof. Massimo Ciccozzi

International Education, Didactics, Adult Education,
Department of Infectious Diseases,
Italian National Institute of Health, Rome,

Dr.Luigi Pagliaro

Professor Emeritus of Internal Medicine,
University of Palermo,

Dr.Mahir Cengiz ,MD

Internal Medicine
(General Medicine),
University of Istanbul,Istanbul,

Dr.Shadi Hamdeh

Creighton University School of Medicine,
Department of Internal Medicine,
Omaha, NE,

Dr.Sumru Savas

Ege University,
Department of Internal Medicine,
Section of Geriatrics,Izmir,

Dr.Katherine S Blondon, Ph.D.

Division of General Internal Medicine,
Geneva University Hospitals,

Dr.Wei-Gang Hu

Bio-Threat Defence Section,
Defence Research & Development Canada,
Suffield Research Centre,

Dr.Theodosios Filippatos ,MD,PHD

Department of Internal Medicine,
School of Medicine,
University of Loannina,Loannina,

Dr.Moses Elisaf

Professor of Medicine,
Director of the Second Department of Internal Medicine,University of Ioannina,

Dr.Nilay Patel

Internal Medicine Department,
Saint Peter’s University Hospital,
New Brunswick,NJ,

Dr.Antonio Simone Laganà, M.D.

Unit of Gynecology and Obstetrics,
Department of Human Pathology in Adulthood and Childhood “G. Barresi”,University of Messina,

Dr.Leonardo Roever

Department of Clinical Research,
Federal University of Uberlandia(UFU),

Prof. Essam Ahmed Al-Moraissi

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,
Faculty of Dentistry,
Thamar University,
Republic of Yemen

Dr.ITIR Yegenaga

Department of Internal Medicine,
Kocaeli University Medical School,

Published Articles

A Possible Role for Midkine in the Pathogenesis of Behçet’s Syndrome

A. Şükrü Aynacıoğlu, Ayhan Bilir, and M. Yakup Tuna

Review Article – Internal Med Res Open J

Gerhard Domagk (1895-1964) and the Origin of Anti- Bacterial Therapy

Ronald P. Rubin

Review Article – Internal Med Res Open J

Retrospective Study of 133 Canadian Hidradenitis Suppurativa Patients and Literature Review

Erika L. Crowley, Claudia J. Posso-De Los Rios, Melinda J. Gooderham

Review Article – Internal Med Res Open J

Targeting of the Wnt/β-Catenin Pathway in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia may adversely affect CTLA-4 expression and function

Gary Lynch, Paul Kennedy, Stephen Bergin, Siobhan Glavey, Philip W Murphy, John Quinn, and Philip T Murphy

Short Report – Internal Med Res Open J

Infection Trend, Distribution, and Factors Associated with Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Delaware, 2005-2015

Nhiem Viet Luong, Mamadou Diallo, Laura Gannon, Martin Luta and Awele Maduka-Ezeh

Research Article – Internal Med Res Open J

Surrogate Markers of Liver Fibrosis in Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC)

Monika Szydlowska-Jakimiuk, Joanna Raszeja-Wyszomirska

Research Articles – Internal Med Res Open J

Identification Potency of Clinical Isolates in Aspergillus Species Using MALDI-TOF MS

Norihito Tarumoto, Jun Sakai, Keisuke Sujino, Takuya Maeda, Mayu Ohta, Toshiyuki Yamaguchi, Takashi Murakami, Hideaki Ohno and Shigefumi Maesaki

Research Article – Internal Med Res Open J

Reaching Beyond Patient-Centered Medical Home Walls: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of A Community Health Team Intervention

Sklar M, Coleman M, Campbell S, Yeracaris P, Hurwitz D, Hewitt S, Fortin EW and Goldman RE

Research Article – Internal Med Res Open J

Field Deployment of Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification for Centralized Mass-Screening of Asymptomatic Malaria in Zanzibar: A Pre-Elimination Setting

Ulrika Morris, Mwinyi Khamis, Berit Aydin-Schmidt, Ali K Abass, Mwinyi I Msellem, et al.

Research Article – Internal Med Res Open J

Is Intravenous Iron Treatment a Risk for Infection?

Emilio Fábrega, María José García, Carmen Alonso, Manuel Fernandez-Miera, et al.

Research Article – Internal Med Res Open J

Humanized Monoclonal Antibodies in Pulmonology: An Integrated Review

Arzu DidemYalcin, Kevser Onbasi, RusenUzun, Felix Herth, Philipp Albert Schnabel

Review Article – Internal Med Res Open J

Basic Food Safety Practise of Open-Air-Market Vending In The Eastern Highlands Of Papua New Guinea

Johnson Makaen, Tobias Maure and Sauli Bebes

Research Article – Internal Med Res Open J

H Pylori Infection as Risk Factor for GIT Bleeding in Haemophilic Patients

Noha M El Husseiny, Louis Essac and Mona Al Kassas

Research Article – Internal Med Res Open J

Surgical Reduction of Visceral versus Subcutaneous Fat and Effect on Features of the Metabolic Syndrome

Mahmoud Abdelaal, Carel W le Roux and Neil G Docherty

Research Article – Internal Med Res Open J

Restraint Use in the Management of the Elderly with Dementia in Hospital

Lim SC, Poon WH

Review Article – Internal Med Res Open J

Re-igniting the PE debate

Avinash Aujayeb, Joseph Mackenzie

Case Report – Internal Med Res Open J

Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and Clinical Practice

Luigi Pagliaro

Editorial – Internal Med Res Open J

Developing Nutrition Awareness in First Year Medical Students

Bruckner Geza, Elder William and Sehnert Scott

Research Article – Internal Med Res Open J

DOI: 10.31038/IMROJ.1000101

Discussing Why Hemochromatosis Is Ignored

Rostern Tembo

Research Article – Internal Med Res Open J

Ileum Ulcer Bleeding By Cytomegalovirus Infection In A Colon Cancer Patient

Hui-Chun Chao, Khee-Siang Chan and Wen-Liang Yu

Case Report – Internal Med Res Open J

Congenital Hypercoagulable Disorders

Federico Cacciapuoti

Editorial – Internal Med Res Open J

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